Let me be the first to extend a welcome to Mid-Plains Community College. 

If this is your first visit, please take a moment to peruse the information contained on these pages. If you're a current student, we thank-you for selecting MPCC as your college choice. If you are alumni of McCook Community College, North Platte Community College or Mid-Plains Community College, welcome home! Or, if you're a visitor, we are pleased that you have "Clicked On" to our site!

Our mission is to provide quality educational opportunities for lifelong learning. 


We want you to succeed! 

Our top priorities at all seven of our MPCC campuses revolve around "Teaching and Learning" and "Students and Student Success."  Through the Nebraska Transfer Initiative, our academic coursework will transfer toward your four-year degree.  Our technical program training is built on a foundation of theory, coupled with "hands-on" experience, and taught by highly experienced teachers with "real-world" experience. 

We want Mid-Plains Community College to be your "FIRST CHOICE!"

We have it all.... modern residence halls, 10 intercollegiate athletic teams, intramurals, activities, music, theater, and great food, all in a safe environment. But most of all, you'll have a great educational experience at MPCC. 

So, please take a look around our website, and then contact us so that we can get you started at one of our MPCC locations. 

Again, welcome to our College and our Website! 


Ryan Purdy,