Exciting Changes on CampusWeb!

Changes include a fresh color scheme (coming soon) and an updated organization of the website tabs.

Click here for a list of changes.

Important Course Deadlines

Password Management

Reset Password

 Use above  link if you have forgotten your password and need to reset it.

Change Password

Use above link if you know your current password and want to change it.

Entering Student Survey

On September 29th, a new tool for Student Registration will display here. Illustrated instructions include images from both computer and phone with detailed explanations of steps to Register, Plan, Add, Drop, Course Search, and Print Schedule. Here are the basic steps to Register:

  • Log in to CampusWeb. You must be logged in to register.
  • Scroll down to Student Registration.
  • Use the drop-down menu to choose the term.
  • Choose Register or Plan depending on the term selected.
  • Select Course Search, enter search options, and click on Search Courses OR
  • Select Degree Audit Summary to add courses.
  • Click on the three dots to view details about the course.
  • To add a course, click on the Blue Plus Sign.
  • To remove a course, click on the course calendar block and select Remove.
  • To register, click on the Registration Checkout button and confirm the courses you would like to add. You are not registered until the course calendar block is GREEN.

Spring 2022 Registration will open soon. Now is the time to make an appointment with your advisor!